Wychwood International Paradrogue (No Clamps)

Wychwood International Paradrogue (No Clamps)

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  • Featuring rot-proof, 'invisible' ropes which maintain stealth while on the water, the international para-drogue's dual arm design also allows the angler to direct the boat on a drift. Along with this fantastic directional function the dual arms also allow a speedy retrieve of the drogue when change of drift is needed and the drogue is fully submerged.
  • Dimensions: 25ft2 (2.25m2).
  • 5m long drogue ropes 25ft2 [2.25m2] competition legal parachute
  • 5m Rot-proof 'invisible' ropes
  • C-Clip metal fixings
  • Dual arms for drift steering capabilities
  • Reinforced stitching for strength
  • Central drain hole for linear drifts
  • Easily collapsible design

More Details

The new International para-drogue increases fishing capability from the boat to international fishing competition standards, by considerably slowing down your drift in high wind situations, increasing your fishing time in the correct zones.


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