Vision Ikon Zip Front Stockingfoot Chest Waders and Boots COMBO

Vision Ikon Zip Front Stockingfoot Chest Waders and Boots COMBO

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  • Waterproof & breathable F3.5™ fabric
  • 3 layer upper, 6 layer bottom
  • Waterproof Riri Storm 10 zipper on Zip model
  • Matching colour stretchable wading belt with two belt loops
  • Adjustable, matching colour braces
  • Built in gravel guard with lace hooks
  • Inner pocket
  • Water resistant front pocket
  • Built in drying loops
  • High back design
  • Neoprene feet w left and right side design

More Details

Ikon Zip

The new IKON waders are replacing the old Extremes with a big boost. They have been developed based on our legendary Extreme waders and have improved on all the attributes a wader can have. The 3/6 layer construction in F3.5 fabric offers you the most durability and comfort while wading. Stretchable belt, water resistant front pocket, built-in drying loops and specially designed feet and back take these waders to a new level of technology. Pick your favourite in standard, long, king or short, with or without a zip in front. Or then just stick with the guiding model, if you feel like hip deep is the deepest you want to wade!


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Total Flyfisher Tackle Awards Winner 2011 - Best Manufacturer Of Chest Waders

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