Ultragreen Maxima Nylon Fishing Line 100M - 15lb

Ultragreen Maxima Nylon Fishing Line 100M 15lb

  • Maxima
  • G0439
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  • Soft, strong yet limp line for a more natural presentation for your bait / lure
  • Suppleness also makes Maxima Ultragreen very popular as fly leader material
  • Virtually invisible to fish as light rays are absorbed rather than reflected
  • A special line finish gives excellent abrasion resistance and high knot strength
  • Superior performance and consistent quality means more fish successfully landed

More Details

Maxima Ultragreen

Maxima Ultragreen is supple and softer than the Chameleon. It is nearly invisible in most river and lake water.

It has good knot strength and is very popular for fishing nymphs or dry flies for trout.

Maxima is still the most popular Premium quality monofilament Leader material available in the UK. Many anglers believe that there is no stronger more durable leader material than Maxima. Maxima has a high durability finish that avoids nicks and abrasions.


This nylon won't let you down!

Tried and tested

Neil Anderson - Angus Angling Forfar