Tsunami Lure Rattle Stick Bait 5'' Blue Silver - 5 Pack

Tsunami Rattling Stick Baits

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Tsunami Rattling Stick Baits


Tsunami Pro Rattling Stick Baits with Secret Scent TS. are arguably the most versatile lure on the planet. Rigged weighted to get down deep, or just enough to waft down subsurface or unweighted to skip across the surface - they do it all! Tsunami have taken this stick bait versatility one step further and included a rattle chamber to add sound to the attraction, plus the amazing Secret Scent TS. That's sight, sound and smell covered, and touch is taken care of by the premium plastics used in Tsunami's Pro range. They swim and feel realistic to keep fish coming back for more. Tsunami Pro Scented Rattling Stick Baits are available six natural, clear coat colours with 3D eyes. The new soft bodies make them easy to rig on your favourite jig heads. Match the size and colour of a Tsunami Pro Scented Rattling Stick Baits with baitfish found around your favourite fishing spots and start catching better fish!