Swing Tubes 10mm - 10 Pcs - Green

Swing Tubes 10mm - 10 Pcs - Green

  • Propeller Fly
  • SWING5
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More Details

The Tubes are designed to fish your Tubefly with an absolute free swinging hook.

Your Fly runs absolut straight and tangle free, plays much better and you will loose less fish.

If you would like to fish with a smaller Swing-Tube you can cut the Swing-Tube on each length you like.

Please use only hooks which fit ideal into the Swing-Tube.

All hooksizes and brands you can use you will find on this side behind the artikel.

If your hook (eye) is to big the Swing-Tube will break.

Photo ( Kamasan B990 Gr. 8 + Swing Tube 10 mm )

Material: PVC

Length: 10 mm


Ideal hook: Kamasan B990 Gr.8-12

Owner STN36 Gr.10-12

Partridge X3BL Gr.8-12

Partridge Salar Gr.9-13

Sawada ST4 Gr.8-12