Snowbee Waldron Vice (Vice and Pedestal Base)

Lawrence Waldron Pedestal Vice And Base

  • Snowbee
  • 19080-P
  • Delivery: World Wide
Price: £399.00

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Lawrence Waldron is recognised world-wide as one of the premier designers of fly tying vices. His name is legendary amongst international fly tyers and his vices have a classic simplicity of design, which sets them apart from their peers.

* The new SNOWBEE/WALDRON VICE offers the advanced fly tyer faultless engineering precision coupled with a silky smooth operation. Its appeal is its simplicity.

* The precision jaws feature two precisely milled grooves to allow different sized hooks to be held securely-from as small as #28’s right up to large single Salmon irons and the largest saltwater fly hooks available.

* All vices come with a purpose designed carrying bag, allen key adjuster tools, full instructions and a 5yr manufacturers warranty.