Rio Scandinavian Series - Rio RSM Scandi Versi Tip Line Kit

Rio Scandi Versi Tip Line Kit

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  • RSM9 #9 38.0ft 580 grains 38 grams Straw + Tip
  • RSM10 #10 39.0ft 650 grains 42 grams Straw + Tip
  • RSM11 #11 40.0ft 700 grains 45 grams Straw + Tip
  • In Stock Listed More Sizes Available By Request

More Details

An extremely easy casting, versatile system designed for longer Spey rods of 13 ft and more, complete with a selection of interchangeable tips.

Inside the package is a floating Scandi Body and 4 of RIO's 15 ft VersiTips tips - each with a loop in both ends for fast rigging.

The included tips are: floating, intermediate, type 3 and type 6 DC sink.

Easy casting body, complete with four 15 ft tips -Printed ID system on the rear of the head and tips for quick recognition

Welded loops on all ends

Extreme Slickness


Easy ID Loops


In Stock