Rapala Jointed 7cm GFR - Gold Fluorescent Red

Rapala Jointed 7cm GFR - Gold Fluorescent Red

  • Rapala
  • J07GFR
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  • How To Fish : Jointed™This articulated lure permits more of that wiggling action fish can’t seem to resist. The Jointed Rapala is ideally suited to an extremely slow retrieve without sacrificing any of that famous action. Use it when casting windswept shorelines. Keep the lure just below the surface. The pronounced action will attract attention and trigger fish that are actively feeding on windblown morsels.
  • Also suited well for slow trolling at speeds just around one knot (1–1.5 mph). For added attraction and great strikes, keep your rod in hand while trolling and twitch the lure every now and then to break its rhythm.

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With its slight exaggeration of Rapala's unique baitfish-in-distress behavior, the Jointed is ideally suited to the extremely slow retrieve required to trigger sluggish, finicky fish. Extra noise and action produced by the jointed body helps wake up the fish in poor visibility.


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