Quiltknit 3-Layer Jersey - Round Neck (Brecon Style)

Quiltknit 3-Layer Jersey - Round Neck (Brecon Style)

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  • Forest Green Only.
  • Round Neck
  • Leaping Salmon or Peter Ross Fly Embroidery

More Details

Quiltknit triple layer is without equal when it comes to performance, durability, practicality and comfort.

The outer layer of the fabric is made from tightly knitted double ply yarn, a blend of wool and polyacryl. The layer provides excellent thermal properties -- knitted fabrics trap more air than conventional wovens -- as well as good wind resistance thanks to the tightness of the knit.

The outer layer is also water resistant. Wool is well known for its thermal properties, but tends to absorb and trap water. By blending it with polyacryl, however, we produce a fabric that handles like wool, but doesn't stay wet. Additionally, this combination of hardwearing yarn and tight knit makes our outer layer pill-resistant and virtually un-snagable, shrugging off bramble thickets and blackthorn bushes with ease... it has even been known to survive barbed wire!

At the technical heart of the Quiltknit quilt is its therma-dry filling. Conventional quilt fillers can hold dampness in the fibres themselves; Quiltknit overcomes this problem by making its therma-dry filling from almost totally non-absorbent polypropylene fibres -- it never becomes damp. This low density filling not only provides excellent thermal insulation, it is also an exceptionally efficient translocator of moisture, rapidly moving it away from the wearer through the fabric to evaporate from the outer layer.

The inner layer is knitted from a wholly polyacryl yarn, to avoid the discomfort of wool next to the skin. This fabric also translocates moisture quickly away from the wearer, and is more loosely knitted than the outer layer to maximise both warmth and softness.


A classically styled long sleeved crew-neck sweater, with matching moleskin shoulder and elbow patches. Other features include generous all-round sizing, turn back cuffs and extra quality (two ply) ribs and cuffs. Ideal if you want to wear a tie and stay warm on the coldest of days.