LOOP Opti Power Spey Double Hand 15' #10-11 5pce D

LOOP Opti Power Spey 15' #10/11

  • LOOP
  • CLASS2-10150-5A
  • Delivery: World Wide
Price: £599.00

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  • Built with the durable Cross Weave technology.
  • Balanced Reel Seat with adjustable reel position. Form follows function.
  • Traditional style cork handle.
  • Durable chrome snake-guides with double coating.
  • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections.
  • Comes in cloth bag and pentagon shaped cordura tube.

More Details

The Opti Power Spey rods work equally well with short heads (typical for Underhand and Skagit casting) or longer spey lines. The tip recovery is extremely precise and the butt power never gives up. The models feature the Balanced Reel Seat, which is 50% longer than traditional reel seats and allows the angler to choose position of the reel, balancing the rod against the weight of the line and the casting technique.

David Moore is fly fishing Instructor in the UK, associate member of AAPGAI and designer of the Balanced Reel Seat. He is currently working on various rod concepts and says there is more to come to add to the range in the future.

Concept of the Balanced Reel Seat

The original concept for the reel seat was to be able to balance the reel to the rod correctly without having to add weight to the reel or buy a specific reel to match the rod just purchased. It was designed to reduce fatigue to the angler when fishing especially when the cast has been carried out and the line is swinging around the pool. The balanced outfit allows the angler to hold the rod more comfortably and loosely reducing any pressure to the lower part of the back and concentrate on the fishing.


• Reduced fatigue to angler.

• Correctly balanced rod.

• More consistent when casting due to the correct balanced outfit.

• Multiple reel application reels of different weights and sizes.

• Being able to alter the rod’s action to suit the individuals preference.