Hareline Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Spooled (MFB)

Hareline Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Spooled (MFB)

  • Hareline
  • MFB
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Price: £4.99

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  • Black
  • Fl Blue
  • Fl Red
  • Fl Yellow
  • Holographic Gold
  • Gold
  • Holographic Silver

More Details

From France comes possibly the best range of flat braid available today – from LAGARTUN.

Mini Flat-Braid is very thin (0.10 mm) and just 2.5mm wide, tightly braided metalloplastic ribbon, in a range of strong, non fading colours.

Mini Flat Braid is ideal for forming translucent bodies with a very fine texture and is excellent as an underbody material - a light dubbing over the top enables the colours to shine through.

Alternatively, use Mini Flat Braid for bodies on tube flies and waddingtons - it is also fine enought to use as a ribbing material to give a contract to your patterns body.

Each spool contains 5 yards of braid.