Guideline SSS Glitz Dubbing (Guideline Fly Tying)

Guideline SSS Glitz Dubbing (Guideline Fly Tying)

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  • Octopuzzy Red
  • Gaudy Green
  • Phatagorva Bronze
  • Pearl Diamond
  • Rainbow From Hell
  • Hot Orange In Flames
  • Clear Water Blue
  • Hot Greenlander Green
  • Nasty Rusty
  • Mikkeli Blue
  • Hot Magma Yellow
  • Alta Gold
  • Evil Magenta
  • Sea Lice Silver
  • Charcoal Black

More Details

SSS Glitz is a long fiber flash dubbing with extreme characteristics. Unlike the usual SSS dubbing that is built on transluscent synthetic fibers, Glitz is built up of flash fibers in several qualities and colors. A dubbing mix may contain up to 15 different types of fibers. All helping to achieve those perfect glittering seductive characteristics without tangles of fibres.

Of course, Glitz is a dubbing with fibers that are long enough to be brushed to perfection, even on the largest of flies. It is well suited for larger salmon and sea trout flies. It creates saltwater flies and sculpins beyond your wildest dreams. It sparkles and shines more than any other dubbing! Glitz - when you want your big flies to stand out!


Colour PDF Chart Attached.