Guideline Salar Synthetic - SSSHD Heavy Duty Angel Hair (Guideline Fly Tying)

Guideline Salar Synthetic - Heavy Duty Angel Hair (Guideline Fly Tying)

  • Guideline
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Price: £6.99

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  • Gaudy Green
  • Octopuzzy Red
  • Orange In Flames
  • Phatagorva Bronze
  • Pearl Diamond
  • Rainbow From Hell
  • Magma Yellow
  • Hot Orange In Flames
  • Clear Water Blue
  • Hot Greenlander Green
  • Nasty Rusty
  • Greenlander Green
  • Mikkeli Blue
  • Hot Magma Yellow
  • Alta Gold
  • Evil Magenta
  • Sea Lice Silver
  • Charcoal Black

More Details

HD stands for heavy duty. This is a heavier type of Angel Hair. The material is somewhere between common flash and the original Angel Hair quality. Many times you experience the common flash to be too heavy and the Angel Hair too thin. Voila! The solution was Angel Hair HD. We have longed for this material for a very long time. This material replaces the flash in small flies and the Angel Hair in the bigger ones. This kind also comes in 18 different color blends.

Salar Syntetic Series consists of products designed by Mikael Frödin. The Products are produced exclusively for Guideline. Colors and mixtures are unique.


Colour Chart PDF Attached