Guideline Power Taper RM Float Evolve Shooting Head

Guideline Power Taper RM Float Evolve Shooting Head

  • Guideline
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Price: £74.99

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  • 7/8 DH 10,7 m/35,1 feet 28 grams/430 grains
  • 8/9 DH 11,2 m/36,8 feet 32 grams/495 grains
  • 9/10 DH 11,7 m/38,4 feet 36 grams/555 grains
  • 10/11 DH 12,2 m/40 feet 43 grams/660 grains
  • 11/12 DH 12,7 m/41,6 feet 48 grams/740 grains

More Details

Adapting to recent and modern demands, our RM Float lines have been updated to a pre-looped version in lengths and weights that suit most rods and anglers. This is a modern, easy loading, floating shooting head, developed by Rune Marthinsen, the creator of the revolutionary Guideline Triple-D lines.

RM Float incorporates a main belly with the major part of the weight shifted to the back half of the head. A shorter step-taper linked to a second level section makes up the middle part of the line. The long front taper has enough mass to turn over long leaders and bulky flies. This taper also controls the turnover, delays it and makes the line stay in the loop for long distances. The well-balanced weight distribution and a steady, precise tracking through the air make this line suitable also for intermediate casters who typically struggle with longer lines or when wading thigh-deep. The line has small factory made loops in the front and the back and it is ready to be used straight out of the box as it is.

Available in a Pale Green color for line weights 7/8DH up to 11/12 DH.