Guideline EXP5 Fly Rod 9' #5

Guideline EXP5 Fly Rod 9' #5

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  • EXP5 9' #5 90g Med-Fast 4 11-13g / 170-200 grains

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By using new 24/30T graphite materials with reduced resin content, weight has been reduced a little in most rods and balance has been improved noticeably. Action curves have been updated and refined to suit the competence level and casting style of beginner to intermediate casters even better than the previous rods did.The action can be described as a "forgiving" Medium/Fast Flex that tolerates operator errors without sacrificing performance when loaded in the correct way. All in all a very fun rod to castand to play fish with.All rods are fitted with chrome-finished hardware, lightweight graphite spacers, "non-tangle style" stripper guides and single leg hard chrome running guides. The finish is a pearlescent maroon/brown color with matching wrappings. Delivered with rodbag and a lightweight rod tube.



Single Hand Rods

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Everything about this series is new. We have taken a look from scratch at these rods. The result is an entry-level selection that offers an amazing experience across the range.