Guideline Core Light Pants

Guideline Core Light Pants

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  • Manufactured with the same 20D Rip-Stop Nylon as the jackets and filled with 60g Primaloft Sport insulation. These pants have a zippered front fly, full length smooth two-way zippers backed by a wind proof storm flap and a roomy zippered back pocket that also doubles as a storage bag.
  • Core Light pants compress to small volume and are easily packable. The low volume and weight make them the ideal travel garment. The elastic waist area has adjustable Velcro Tab closures to guarantee a perfect fit.

More Details

Brand new lightweight Primaloft pants with outstanding comfort for use as extra insulation layer during all kinds of low intensity outdoors activities. Great as ”camp pants” and perfect to wear under waders during fishing trips in cold weather and in freezing water temps.

Size: S-XXL.

Color: Black with Lime Green details



Because of its superior warmth, water repellency and light weight properties, Primaloft is the single most thermally-efficient insulation available. When wet, Primaloft not only out-performs goose down (the only thing to challenge it when dry), but all other synthetics too. With its water-hating microscopic fibers, Primaloft repels water better than any other synthetic insulation. While it is almost as lofty and light weight as down, Primaloft is also completely hypo-allergenic.

Most other synthetics are made of fibers up to 20 times larger than Primaloft, and just as Primaloft’s micro-fibers trap heat better, they are also much softer than their thicker counterparts. Independent tests have shown that Primaloft is slightly warmer when dry compared to other synthetic insulations, but whereas other insulations lose up to 60% of their thermal retention when wet, Primaloft lost absolutely no insulating value. Primaloft also breathes, making it ideal as an active insulation layer. We use Primaloft Sport which is proven to have the best long term durability and recovery from continuous compression.