Guideline - Fario LW 46 Fly Reel - Anthracite

Guideline - Fario LW 46 Fly Reel - Anthracite

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  • Fario Light Weight 46 96 x 62 x 30 mm 120 grams 100m 20 lbs dacron + WF6F

More Details

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively for Trout Fishing. Every detail and every function has been developed with that one thing in mind; to create a perfect, lightweight, cool, dependable and yet solid reel for serious anglers. These reels carry the strong Truss X-construction features from our Vosso reels, but they have been adapted to suit the slender and gracious looks of the Fario LW reel.

The recessed reel foot brings the reel closer to the grip for better balance and less torque when casting. A built-in tippet holder keeps loose mono/fluorocarbon ends in place to avoid tangle. The light, low diameter, waterproof and sealed drag system with a carbon/stainless disc stack generates 1.3 kg drag power, which is more than enough for any trout fishing. The adjustment range is 360° and offers settings from just short of free-spooling to a firm smooth drag calibrated to suit the expected types of fishing this reel is aimed at. Featuring a slightly oversized spool diameter, Fario LW offer fast retrieve and generous backing capacity.


Other Options

Hard Glossy “Anthracite Dark Grey” anodizing with chrome spokes and details.

Hard Glossy “Bronze” anodizing with chrome details.

Choose from left- or right hand retreive.

Spare spools available.