Foxy Tails Cashmere Goat Patch (Large Pro Pack) - Black

Foxy Tails Cashmere Goat Patch - Black (Large Pro Pack)

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  • Average Hair Length: 15cm.
  • Large Pack Size: 64 sq/cm

More Details

Juri Shumakov called this material 'Serebrjanker' - Caucasian Silver Goat. At Foxy-Tails we call this wonder material Cashmere Goat.

It is a wonderfully fine and translucent hair which is excellent for the overwings on 'Frodin Style' tube flies or any fly that you want to have translucency and mobility. The hair will make great Collie Dog and Sunray Shadow flies and due to the fact that it stays mobile and lively in saltwater it is becoming increasingly popular with saltwater tyers.