Flybox ® Micro Straggle - Gold and Flame Red

Micro Straggle Gold and Flame Red

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  • 5mm micro straggle with plain gold filaments. Perfect for adding subtle sparkle to the bodies on wet flies or lures – or throats on nymph patterns. Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Re-introducing the original 5mm silver or gold micro straggle.
  • This material was very popular and still a great material for cormorants and diawl bachs.
  • We have brought it back and dyed it into a small key range of colours.

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Intense Lime

Fiery Brown

Golden Olive

Fl Yellow

Fl Chartreuse

Fl Sunburst

Fl Pink

Fl Orange

Medium Claret

Dark Claret

Undyed GOLD

Medium Olive

Fl Red


Great for mini lures and dabblers!