Flybox ® T15 Translucent Fritz - Steelhead Blue

Flybox T15 Translucent Fritz - Steelhead Blue

  • T1514
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  • Flu Yellow
  • Flu Chartreuse
  • Flu Orange (Light Orange)
  • Fire Orange
  • Flu Sunburst
  • Competition Sunburst
  • Flu Red
  • Original Biscuit
  • Flu Pink
  • Flu Coral
  • Vampire Hot Coral
  • UV White
  • Flu Pineapple
  • Baby Pink
  • Medium Olive
  • Black
  • Steelhead Blue
  • Fl Sweetcorn

More Details

T-15 Translucent - The first in our new "Translucent Series" of materials, which will be released early Feb. Made from highly dyeable 15mm translucent. Here's a peak at some of the incredible colours this range will be available in..

..I'd go as far as to say this is the most dyeable translucent material we've worked with.


T-15 is the first in our new Translucent series. This material gives a unique jelly-like look in the water. Dyed into a stunning range of colours, this material is great for blob and lure patterns.