Flybox ® Single Wave Pseudo Hackle - Onyx Black

Flybox Single Wave Pseudo Hackle - Onyx Black

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  • Bibio Red
  • Fire Orange
  • Fl Chartreuse
  • Fl Orange
  • Fl Pink
  • Fl Sunburst
  • Fl Yellow
  • Olive
  • Onyx Black
  • UV White
  • Range Pack (10x Colours)

More Details

NEW Single-Wave Pseudo is a single-wave Synthetic Organza Ribbon – ie, it doesn’t have the cross-fibres found in most organza which create a wavy fibre effect. Instead, the fibres on Single-Wave are perfectly straight and the material doesn’t require preparation, simply cut it and go!.

Another big advantage of Single-Wave Pseudo is the “Stretch-Core”, which makes the material much easier to tie with, particularly for smaller flies like nymphs. Another key feature of Stretch-Core is that it is non-translucent, unlike organza, which helps create a solid block colour tone to the body.

We’ve dyed SIngle-Wave into a full range of fluorescent colours plus some natural favourites like, black, claret & olive. Each pack contains 2mtr of material.