Flybox ® MX-D Mini - Black

Flybox MX-D Mini - Black

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  • Baby Pink
  • Biscuit
  • Black
  • Fire Orange
  • Fl Chartreuse
  • Fl Coral
  • Fl Pink
  • Fl Sunburst
  • Fl White
  • Fl Yellow
  • Olive
  • Sweetcorn
  • Range Pack

More Details

New MX-D Mini is a smaller 10mm Version of our larger MX-D BLOB, and is purpose made for tying 10mm Blobs & FABS. In testing with some of Scotland's top Competition anglers, we've seen some great results and even helped one individual qualify in the Scotland National Semi-Final. Made of Mixed Fibres, including Eggstasy for that deadly 'slush-texture', MX-D is sure to be a big hit on the competition waters this year. Available now in 12x great colours plus range pack deal!