Flybox ® Hulk Body Fritz - Fl Orange

Flybox Hulk Body Fritz - Fl Orange

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Hulk Body Fritz is latest body material from Flybox, which was developed as a replacement for using Edge-Bright when tying 'Hulk body patterns'. The material itself is 100% translucent and unlike our T-15 Fritz, the fibers are wider at 1/32" - and shorter at 6mm length. The wider fibers result in creating a square, almost cubic appearance on the body, yet unlike Edge-Bright, the fibers are soft and mobile, you can even apply palmer hackles through this fritz. Hulk Body Fritz is perfect for competition patterns such as boobies, mini cats & humungus patterns, and can even be used for other patterns such as nymphs and wets. Available in 15x colours. (3mtr per pack).