Flybox ® Gel Core Micro Body - Fluo Pink

Flybox Gel Core Micro Body - Fluo Pink

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  • Bibio Red
  • Dark Claret
  • Dark Olive
  • Fiery Brown
  • Fl Chartreuse
  • Fl Orange
  • Fl Pink
  • Fl Red
  • Fl Sunburst
  • Fl Yellow
  • Golden Olive
  • Intense Lime
  • Jet Black
  • Medium Claret
  • Medium Olive
  • Range Pack (17 x colours),
  • Root Beer
  • UV Diamond White

More Details

Gel Core Micro-Body is an ultra-slim Fritz at only 0.8mm fibre length. The material is built on our classic Gel-Core meaning it won’t fall apart when tying. The material is extremely versatile and can be used for everything from lure to nymph bodies. Available in a huge range of 17x colours, both fluorescent and natural shades.