Flybox ® Bleached And Dyed Peacock Eyes - Pink

Bleached And Dyed Peacock Eyes Pink

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  • Black
  • Bleached
  • Blood Red
  • Blue Marlin
  • Claret
  • Flu Chartreuse
  • Flu Lime
  • Flu Pink
  • Flu Sunburst
  • Flu Yellow
  • Ginger
  • Golden Olive

More Details

Our bleach dyed peacock eyes give a new look to buzzer and fly bodies with enhanced colour.

We take the natural eye and bleach all the colour out of it, then dye them so they accept a strong, more vibrant colour.

This base bleached dye is brilliant for buzzer bodies and gives a strong pale white colour.

Each pack contains 2x eyes, all 12 inches long and we give the full feathers, not just the eye itself.