Fario Fly Mirage Bunny Cormorant Sz10

Fario Fly Mirage Bunny Cormorant Sz10

  • Fario Fly
  • FF331810
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  • This Mirage version is a fantastic pattern when used in conjunction with other flies such as a FAB or Booby. When this pattern is fished near the surface it's opal Mirage body catches the sunlight and as a result flashes a spectrum of colours which fish are attracted to.

More Details

We tie all of our cormorant flies with the tips of rabbit fur and here's why:

It provides a consistent length time after time.

It is more durable therefore tends not to pull out.

It has loads more movement in the water.

It does not look "bulky" like some cormorants tied with Marabou.

We think it fishes better!