Cocoons "SLIMLINE" - Medium

Size 134mm X 41mm

  • Cocoons
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Price: £59.95

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  • Isolate your eyes in a cocoon of filtered light. Cocoons are offered in a patented style that is precision engineered using OveRx® design principles to deliver 360º of advanced UV Protection® .
  • All Cocoons sunglasses feature Polar TX® polarized lenses that provide complete protection from the harmful effects of UV A&B rays, and cut through harsh glare.
  • Adjustable Flex2FitTM temples deliver a precise fit that eliminates discomfort when worn for prolonged periods of time. The patented styles are lightweight and extremely durable, a statement reiterated by the limited lifetime warranty.
  • All Cocoons include a custom soft neoprene case and large lens cloth. Cocoons lenses are optically correct. This means that there is no distortion which is especially important when wearing a polarized lens over a prescription lens.
  • Cocoons are guaranteed to deliver all the advantages of polarization without interfering with your corrective lenses. Comfortably floating above the prescription glasses, Cocoons are the finest fit over sunglasses available in the world.

More Details

Designed to be worn over prescription eyewear.Cocoons patented speciality sunglasses conveniently transform prescription eyewear into polarised sunglasses for instant protection from the elements and improved visual performance.