Berkleys ® Whiplash Orange Braid 300m - 35lb 0.12mm - 1345358 D

Berkleys Whiplash Orange Braid 300m - 35lb - 1345358

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  • 1345358
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  • Ultra Hi-Viz Orange
  • Tight Weave Finish
  • Extreme Durability
  • Supreme Casting
  • 100% Micro Dyneema Fibres

More Details

Berkley Whiplash is known to fisherman all over the world as a line with optimum strength and very tight structure due to tight weave technology. Berkley have now produced Whiplash in Hi-Viz Orange for the times when being able to see your line is an advantage.

Anglers who troll in tropical waters will find this line is also a great backing when used with a 'topshot' of monofilament.


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