Airflo Micro Poly Backing 30LB 175 Yards

Airflo Micro Poly Backing 30LB 175 Yards

  • Airflo
  • MICRO(30)-175
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Price: £9.99

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  • Airflo Micro Poly Backing Benefits:
  • This low stretch, low diameter Dacron backing is completely rot proof and very easy to release from knots or even a blind splice.
  • The Hi Vis fluorescent orange colour allows you to follow the run of the fish and helps keeps you in control.
  • Available in 20lb and 30lb breaking strains.

More Details

Airflo Micro Poly Backing still remains our top selling backing due to its durability, smoothness and low diameter. It is our preferred backing for use when loading customer's lines in store.

Fly line backing serves two basic purposes...

The first is to fill up your reel so that your fly line completes the filling of your reel to within, say, 1/8th inch of the spool capacity.

The second is to keep your fly line connected to the reel when a big fish strips of all your fly line!