Airflo Fly Fishing Kit (Small Stillwaters) - 9' #6/7

Airflo Fly Fishing Kit (Small Stillwaters) 9' #6/7

  • Airflo
  • F-AIRKIT-9067
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Price: £69.99

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  • Airflo 9’ #6/7 4 piece Carbon fly rod
  • Pre loaded Graphite fly reel
  • Airflo Velocity WF7 Floating flyline and backing
  • Protective rod tube
  • Tapered mono leader
  • Fly box and flies
  • Sunglasses for eye protection

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Airflo Fly Fishing Kits - Small Stillwater & River Kit

The Airflo 9' #6/7 kit provides the perfect introduction to fly fishing on small stillwaters. The lightweight 9' mid–tip action rod is ideal for presenting flies accurately at medium range. Complimented by a graphite reel that is pre-loaded with a high quality Airflo Velocity WF7 floating line and backing. A tapered mono leader, fly box with flies, and a pair of sunglasses complete this superb set.


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